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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  February 16, 2024 12:00am-1:00am PST

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yay, yay. you're welcome. you're welcome. you're welcome. happy thursday, everybody. all right, all right, all right. all right. you must remember when donald trump claimed his campaign was being spied and the mainstream media called him crazy. >> well, much like most things today, trump ends up calling it correctly. he's like a white version of miss cleo. don't remember. all right. now, a new report, michael shellenberger, matt taibbi and alex, guten tag at public backs up trump's assertion. >> they say the u.s. intelligence community quote illegally mobilized foreign intel intelligence agencies to target trump advisors long before the summer of 2016. yes, this was before the election. the government and foreign powers actually spied on trump along with others in his
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campaign in order to keep him from running. and you from voting, making them lower than joe biden's on a hot day. allegedly, the u.s. asked the other members of the five eyes. >> love their burgers. these are intel agencies from the u.s., britain, canada, australia and new zealand to spy on trump. in other words, that global criminal enterprise known as the democrats first decided russian collusion was true, then had their comrades look for evidence. >> if true, our spies illegally surveilled united states citizens for political reasons. but why you ask? well, trump was the first real anti-establishment candidate to have a chance at becoming president, and the establishment wouldn't have it. so they committed to taking him out. and when he rightly suspected it, he and his supporters were mocked, mercilessly accused of anything and everything. and then as a deflection, they used the tape, which
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never existed. yet the media lapped it up like joe over a fresh bowl of cream rants. >> now according to this new report, intel related to this alleged surveillance of the trump campaign is in a ten inch binder that trump ordered declassified at the end of his term. right. he says ten inches, but it's probably more like six. but apparently the whereabouts of the binder are unknown. so where could it be? maybe it's in the garage with joe's corvette next to the that hunter dismembered. maybe it's under a pile of coke in the west wing or somewhere no one would ever look under nadler's extra lap skin. and so they could hate trump all they want. but he's protected by the same laws as everybody else. so united states constitution doesn't close out with this is true. >> unless you don't like you. if you wanted proof of deep state, the deep state just served it up and you might want
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to reexamine your own hate for trump because likely it's also based on a hoax, served directly to you by the same. and again, trump called while others played dumb. or maybe they aren't playing. here's a golden oldie from our favorite lemon. maybe the biggest lie of all repeatedly and with no facts to, back him up, making the outrageous claim that the so-called deep state spied on his campaign. >> he did it again today, but i hope it's not true. >> but it looks like it is. it's not true. it's a lie. wow. that guy is really good. >> what time is his show on? oh, yeah. i'm sorry. >> he's currently wiping down the sneeze guard at a yonkers sizzler. i love that. i miss him. anything more to add, don? is this not just an angry president popping off? >> this is not just an angry
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president popping off. this is a deliberate and coordinated effort to save his presidency, to cast doubt on the russia investigation and by repeating a lie. and that repetition is a key of the strategy here. because if you hear him say the same thing over and over and over, it gets into your head. >> you may start to wonder if there is some truth to it. >> hmm. well, that aged as well as nancy pelosi's stem cells. and it wasn't just the media denying it. former director of national intelligence james clapper said the same thing. >> did the intelligence community spy on president trump in his campaign. >> no, we not. >> mm-hmm. how is this hairless tree slop ? not in jail. we've imprisoned protesters for taking selfies at the capitol while this guy lied under oath and also tried to subvert an election. obama was asked about the spying allegations to the allegations are so absurd that even republican controlled committees, you know, looking
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into it, have dismissed them. and, you know, general barr has dismissed. you do not allow the politicization of, the criminal justice system, the intelligence system, military. right. that that is stuff you keep out of politics. >> really? i would say that obama should be eating crow. but we know he prefers dog. >> do i have to explain to you he once ate a dog. >> i'm going to my grave. sure. everybody knows that obama ate a dog. it's in his book. so where's the media and dems on this story? >> have they learned their lesson? sorry. they were capable of learning their mistakes. >> they wouldn't be democrats. but it also must kill them
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that three reporters, shellenberger taibbi and guttentag, all the work that they refused to do. and these reporters don't work for legacy media, perhaps because they're just too honest and, too good. they make everyone else look like the hacks that they are. now, i'm sure if trump wins again, those in power will find another conspiracy to explain it or prevent it. they'll go after the voters like they always do. they're already hunting trump and his supporters like their eggrolls under the seat cushions at the view. and if biden, this sputtering desiccated mess somehow wins. sorry, you have little reason to believe it's legit because in america you're innocent until guilty. >> but that's for you, not the government. because the government holds the power to deceive, spy and ruin you and also cover it up with a corrupt fake news media. so really, it's up to them to prove that they aren't guilty after all. they could spy on a president and then lie about it. imagine what they could do
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you when you're go. tonight's guest when this shark bites, you'll need last rites. shark tank star kevin o'leary adds up former miss florida citrus. she never has to worry about scurvy. >> host of the morgan ortega show on sirius xm. morgan ortega. if he gave a eulogy, even the corpse would walk out. actor, comedian and writer jamie lissauer. and she's the first author to weigh less than her book. "new york times" bestselling author, fox news contributor kat timpf cavett, how are you doing? great. it's always good to see you. i'm happy to be here. i'm happy that you're here. you're welcome. that's wonderful. that's good. you should be. now, let me ask you this.
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you know, coming from canada and you see how the media pushed this story and, now that the story is no longer there, they don't bother to go and correct it. >> are they as bad or worse than the media in canada? well, we're not allowed any media in canada anymore. you're aware of that? yes. justin trudeau said no more media. so canadians just walk around and bless all day long that i'm not kidding. >> it's getting pretty crazy up there. yeah, but they target citizens. they they try to freeze bank accounts and put over here. they pretty much tried to take a president off the ballot. yeah, this story is pretty interesting. obviously, there is so media attention. i want to make a note of something today that really blew my mind. i was looking at advertising data from last week that includes unpaid media. so you look at entities that somehow scored stories and unpaid media on all channels. >> trump got 80% of the unpaid media. nobody else got any other time? the guy is dry his competitors from getting their media. he's not paying for that media
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. so if you're nikki haley or biden, you're saying, wait a minute, where's the time rule? everything's trump all day long. whether you hate him, you love him. that's pretty good marketing. yeah, it's his world. we're just living in it, which is exactly what happened in 2016. everybody gave him time. then he won. i don't know how it's going to go, morgan, but i know if he loses, it's going to be rigged. but i'm just kidding. no. morgan what do you think? it's kind of bizarre how everything that trump says is going to happen. or has it always turns out that he's at least directionally true? yeah and when he first said that, you think, well, that can't be true. that sounds crazy. and then it turns out to be true. i mean, listen, durham john, during special counsel, did a four year investigation in which he basically concluded, yeah, this really was a hoax. this was unfounded. the problem is, where is the accountability in any of this? i don't recall really anybody getting fired from the fbi or
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the cia or held accountable. instead, they all get cable news contracts. and as somebody who went into the intelligence community after 911, because i wanted to serve my country after that happened. it has been so frustrating see the intelligence community turn into something that's attacking political process. we want to talk about attacking democracy. this is attacking democracy. and you're politicizing a community that is supposed be there to protect the homeland. >> mm-hmm. that's right. you know, jamie i didn't write this question. where does the cia spying on trump remind you of when you would spy on your wife and kids while they were enjoying their very happy new life without you? wow. yeah, i remember. i remember once my my ex-wife was like, hey, quit spy and hit me through the window. and i was like, hey, you told me to clean the gutters. >> and then you locked it. >> i think there should be repercussions. i think someone from the cia, i think they should get fired. i think if you get fired from the and you're surprised by it, you totally deserve it. >> yeah, that's true.
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>> jeremy trump, he's kind of always right. mm-hmm. and is it i wish someone would go i was wrong or there should be. i was impressed by trump in all of this, especially when you go back like his clips really do age well. and i was also impressed that that they were spying on 20 six associates. >> mm-hmm. i was like, that's a popular guy, man. i don't tr. i only have one associates degree. >> well, and think about all this stuff we didn't cover. like, hunter's the russian misinformation. i mean, we could learn so much . we know. one of my favorite stories we never found out about cocaine in the white house. i think about it. i think about it every day where i go, where did they go? and people go, oh, come on. it was hunters. and i go, i don't think it was i think hunter, it wasn't his because there was left. >> yeah. joining me, it is like, if true ,like if you're doing cocaine, the correct dosage is the rest of it.
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>> yes. in and like, you're never doing cocaine and somebody goes like, oh, my we got way too much. do you guys have like the top more summer guys are bigger than our noses. yes. no one ever says i have leftover coke. like now. you guys coming up with some coke? bill, you take it to work. if you leave it here, we're going to do it. always take some cocaine. okay? yeah. okay. go. yeah. you like that. has anyone ever spied on you before? if so, you could probably relate to the dod. >> i remember one moment in which you were spied upon to remember that right now. but the. the guy with the drone. >> oh, yeah, but that was. yes, it's. i haven't. >> everybody will be of we got a great story. yes. well yeah there was like a drone so i wouldn't know when i out of the shower there was a guy from downstairs outside with a drone outside her window. yeah. and it was like it and i put something on and i was like, it's too late for that.
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but i had. oh, no. and they lit up to see with a slap on did they catch the guy. police were for a guy with great timing. right. yeah. no look it's whatever. >> all right? i'm sorry i brought it up anyway. yeah, it's so painful. no, it's okay. oh, you were all being spied on. probably in like, some sense, right? i mean, i don't understand how many times we hear these these kinds of stories and people still kind of take the cia face value when they're like, we would never. >> yeah, because they do. i even looked at a lot of i went back and looked at a lot of the media back when trump was saying this. it was so much more than than don lemon. i mean, watch it in post really mad at this place. yeah. and saying things like, well, spying is in the eye of the beholder and it's all these are. and if they did actually kind of the reverse which you're you know you're supposed to be curious as a member of the media and just feel like okay we want to just come out and say this didn't happen.
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it really i mean, this is explosive. what's coming out now? is it or did it really just mostly require somebody giving enough of it to check? >> exactly. i feel like nobody does it. nobody gives a . nobody gives you the worst defense of the spying. >> that still drives me crazy if you're doing it if you're doing you used to do that all the time. i know. i changed my mind. okay. if you're doing nothing wrong, why should you be worrying? worried about spying? and then i realize there are a lot things i do that technically aren't wrong, but if you ever saw me do it, you would feel really gross, because i do. and yet i can't stop. all right. i'm. that's why disney couldn't keep quiet after the capitol riots. you cops is back on fox nation ,the only place to watch new episodes don't watch is defenders of justice. now take down criminal masterminds.
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this sham insurrection turned disney in a woke direction how disney lost dough thanks to a woke ceo and a newly released video from january 2021. then disney chair bob iger insinuated how the six riots spurred disney into taking a stand politically. journalist chris rufo obtained a clip from an anonymous whistleblower who said the zoom call was advertised as a company response to jan six. >> roll it, doris. we tend to shy away from politics, and in doing, i think we've shied away from talking about issues that aren't political at all like the issues that we're talking about because we believe in doing so. >> maybe it looks like we're taking the stand. well, in reality, we should be taking a stand just commenting about what happened in washington last week. that's not political on our part at all. >> we we know what we saw is fundamentally wrong and that it was really in hatred
12:21 am
and disrespect and contempt and intolerance. and we should feel free as a company to comment that without retribution, there have it straight from iger himself stating a truth as cold and hard as walt's frozen body, disney was going to start taking a because of jan six. but taking a stand meant taking their woke, die driven agenda public. >> suddenly, everything became an for activism as opposed for fun and entertainment. >> mary poppins became larry poppins. toy story is now toy darth vader apologized for pretending to be black and all seven dwarves joined the women's swim team. now i'm sure this virtue signaling made white executives feel good about themselves, but it made traditional customers as welcome as tinker bell with a bulge.
12:22 am
and as predicted, the company's stock price plummeted as they churned out flop after flop. if it weren't for the $80 mickey mouse t-shirts in their gift shops and charging nine bucks for a bottle of water at disney world, they would have gone bust. disney lost millions, laid off thousands while feuding with ron desantis. as for what bob iger said about disney wading into politics, six wasn't likely because it was more likely the excuse to wave through more die esg and support for blm. no wonder their profits were m.i.a. sadly, it seems like the woke films keep coming. check out this clip from one of their upcoming films. >> sweetheart, i'm non-binary now. what are you doing here? well, i want to be gender fluid, too. plus, i've got free tickets for all the ever with indigenous diy at the trans convention. >> ballard. let's all go together. only if you promise to attempt
12:23 am
to disable bipoc in our outlaws . well, that's a very common idea to you first, kevin, because i have no what your politics are. >> i don't know where you stand. i know that. look, you're a normal person that you can't stand justin trudeau. but i honestly. is this a wise calculation on your part that nobody really knows? >> it's very wise. and i'll you. why? why should i off half the people all the time. >> that's the way i look at it now. and speaking of disney, let tell you how much i love disney. they own abc. >> that's where shark tank lives. i love everybody. yes see? there you go. very well. play. thank you very much. but any ceo that gets out there and takes on a position, it doesn't matter who you are, iger or anybody else. it's not what you think. it's what your shareholders, employees, consumers, it's what
12:24 am
they think. >> just ask bud light. how'd that work out for them? jamie, i didn't write this question. >> okay. >> do your kids enjoy walt disney movies that they see with your ex-wife's new hot boyfriend? well, i mean, i know it looks like you're having a good time through the window, but. yeah, kevin's right. i off half the people in my marriage and i think disney should stay out of politics like this. super. i think walt would be turning over in his chest freezer if the stock was going. >> did you see the one thing this made me think to myself? i'm not going to disneyland, and it's too expensive. >> i don't want to. and do you see that one? there is another where it shows someone that iger hired where they said, like like this woman said she was putting, like anywhere she could put in something like a thing or whatever. she would just put it in a movie. like she was like, oh, if
12:25 am
i could have two guys kiss. that's not what movies are about. like, you're supposed to be watching a movie to enjoy it. and i have like it's like little kids. it's like, is this the time to to indoctrinate? like, i want to watch like a movie with my kids? i don't want to to explain. but, you know, it's this isn't the time i want to explain they're five and six years old about like the birds and the bees and the bees and the bees and then the bee that's saving up to have a stinger removed. i didn't know where it was going to go with that cat, but he landed it. he landed that plane. you know, it is it makes a good point, though, that it was they forgot their customers. they created a competing mission statement that was somehow consisting of of activists on social media as opposed to the people that actually go to the movies. >> no, i think he actually didn't go far enough. yeah. yeah. they they have been more concerned about diversity the whole time. i think the fact that they weren't concerned about it sooner is why january 6th happened.
12:26 am
yeah it's disney is response blood is on your hand. yes. they're responsible for january 6th. yes they are. because if the movies were better, then people wouldn't have to have done january 6. if the amusement park were more, then they wouldn't have had to go to the capital. this is this is some sound logic. it's just as much says what he said. it's true. it's true because of his kids movies. just be movies. were kids exact? it makes what i said makes just as much sense as whatever he said, which to say? >> none at all. yes, morgan you look like a disney princess. oh, my god. this is the best compliment ever. thank you. and i did. i sang at disney world. i sang at disney. i grew up near disney and i used to sing there. and this is hard for me because you're singing disney. i did really well at epcot and for their christmas, whatever the candlelight vigil every year. oh, but, you know, i have a three year old and just like from the perspective of little
12:27 am
kids, i can't think i was just sitting here trying to think of any disney like movie or show that she's been into and she's not into of them. >> it's like we have i had the disney channel, the little app. she doesn't watch any of it. she's not into it. so first of all, like just from the business and marketing perspective, they're clearly not reaching their audience because here i am like, hello, disney princess, as you said, and my three-year-old and none of us are watching disney. yeah, and it's not even political stuff just. >> yeah. what do you watch instead? to watch real housewife of her? >> uh, no. know, really, i'm a dork. i watch historical drama. oh, yeah. you know, if you do three, three-year-old kid want something fun to watch? it's educational. forensic files. >> mm. she likes us. she likes the shows. she likes. >> the shows about, like, the dogs and peppa pig and stuff like that. yeah. all right. i'm sure peta won't be happy. all right, up our race faker earns scorn doing internet. >> did you know you waste 200
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thank you. >> the white lady who faked it gets fired for being naked. >> okay. the artist formerly known rachel dolezal is back with a brand new controversy. now, you remember, rachel, she was the white lady who got busted in 2015 for pretending to be black. >> rachel dolezal, the spokane chapter of the naacp. she wanted to serve a local commission and she had to fill out a form like we all do. she checked off african-american. haven't we done that as a race? a quick check of her birth certificate, something our president doesn't have. >> writes, both her biological parents are white. >> do you african-america? i, i don't i don't understand the question. your parents? >> yeah, she was darkening her, firming her hair and even working as the president of the spokane chapter of the w.a.s.p.. i love their basketball tournament.
12:33 am
dolezal was also accused of faking racist harassing against herself, although she did say technically, that is white on black crime. but the ruse unraveled and like ex-wife, we all moved on. >> i today rachel goes by nikki diallo. it's an african name meaning crazy white lady, but she's in hot water again. she just got fired from an arizona elementary school teaching job after her onlyfans content was discovered. apparently, one whistleblower got vomit in his whistle. now, assuming a lot of people watching at home don't know what only fans is or how it works. so here's a primer. a person takes explicit photos of themselves and posts them online. other people subscribe to their content and that person makes money. and then someone at work who does it like you, finds out
12:34 am
and you lose everything. yeah. >> stupidly. rachel had her only fans link to her public social media, which the school district says violated their social media and ethics policy. but who knows, maybe they're just not into white. >> and so there goes another job for rachel and her bizarre choices, proving that again, that once you go black, you can never go back. >> jamie, are you started an account with only fan because you could only find one. >> not to correct you greg but it was lonely fans. >> did you well played to how uncomfortable was that clip of her being asked that? >> did you see even her hair line was like, i'm out of here
12:35 am
. trying to is trying to escape. i for research of the show because, you know, i like to do my research. >> i subscribe to her onlyfans page just to see who was going on. i was impressed. i was very impressed. it's the first time i've ever seen someone do an interracial scene by themselves. >> yeah, i actually did. i actually did like a tape once with my ex wife. >> the hardest thing about it was like telling her after and i don't think i've ever done this, but, man, you feel like it's you're doing good. and then, like, when i watched it back, i was like, this, like, i like this story, but they should recast this. yeah. get the real truth is onlyfans is where she should not in a classroom. she got fired from the wrong. yeah. i just don't know how it went on for so long. went on for like five months without anybody realizing it. but also so, like, i actually
12:36 am
did go on her page. i didn't subscribe. but like, you can see the amazon wishlist without actually subscribing of, like what the person wants so the subscribers can buy things for you. and this is what was her amazon list. this is not a joke. this is actually what's on her wish list. just a pair of shoes, a teacup, a cross body bag, giant $15 soaps that look like cinnamon buns and a book that's called a guide to poisonous house and garden plants and that's it. she's trying to kill somebody. that's the entire thing, right? like, what would a guide to poisonous house and garden plants is one of five things on your wish list, on your website and then i'm starting to think this woman might be crazy. yeah, all those things can be used like they're like, out of a columbo episode. >> yeah, like the tea card. yeah. have some tea. and she puts little poison poison out, and then if she falls over, she the soap to clean it up and it looks like a cinnabon. this is why i should be in law
12:37 am
enforcement. i'll give you my password. see the full list? last thing on it. alibi more again, probably not a good thing to run and only fansite while you teach little kids well. >> but also, if she changed race, why couldn't she think to change her name? right? like i. >> i'm obviously not only friends, but if i did, i'd come up with a different name. >> okay, change it again. but then no one would go. no, i don't think they went on onlyfans googling her name. >> i think they i think that she thought that would help like we're doing this. we wouldn't do the story if she changed her name. we wouldn't even have heard about it. so maybe you are right. no, we weren't. yeah, it wouldn't do a story that was like person on onlyfans. >> if you would like to keep your job, i would keep my onlyfans account maybe under a different name. yeah. hide it a little better. yeah. no one would know. scrive. that's. yeah, right. i'm with you on one. yeah. yeah. i was out of a job, so maybe it
12:38 am
didn't. you know, kevin as a business icon, what do you make of only fans would you encourage people to it monetizing their appeal or will it come back to haunt them? >> i'm going back to the fact that she got fired as a teacher . >> yeah. do you know how hard it is to fire a teacher? >> it is virtually impossible because they have a union that for decades has protected even the crappiest teacher. >> so to get fired, i mean, that elevates you to a new. yeah, exactly. absolutely incredible. how did she do it? >> i don't know. i can't wait till she's on shark tank. hello? hello, sharks. it's my new kid that makes you black. i'm gave each one of you a sample to try that for you, damon. >> all right, you got to think about social. it giveth and it taketh away. exactly. people don't know that it
12:39 am
in this case, mega take away. >> exactly. now, all right. up. his hopes were crushed by a that wasn't flushed with the biggest investigation in fbi history. more than 1100 arrests. i sacrificed my dream job to share this information with the american people. always involved, must be held accountable. he's an innocent man that's going to change narratives no matter what your political perspective is. over 13 million americans were affected by identity theft in 2022, and the threats go way beyond just credit card fraud. today's identity thieves can use your information in ways that are easy to miss by just monitoring accounts and credit like loans, transferring home titles, even committing crimes .
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to crowns and dentures. no deductibles, no annual maximum for all the details. is it dental now? .com? physicians need want this? >> you want when brown comes town you need a man who won't blush at the sound of a flush. you need look who kicked the boss wasn't keen when he flooded the latrine. shampoo detective. a man claims he lost his job because he clogged office toilet after his interview, he explained in an online post how the position was just about sealed, and he just needed to fill out some remaining paperwork. but after down some coffee, he used the bathroom, which was gender neutral by the way
12:44 am
and it quickly went from vay them to . he says he forgot to flush. then a lady went in after him and tried flushing and that's when the toilet clogged, it overflowed. then the lady told the boss and the prospective employee laughed and never heard back again. and so the only thing that went down the toilet was his career . but look, we've all been there, right? like the time i found out home depot toilets were for display only. it's so sadly on their list of potential hires. >> his number two prevented him from being number one, which was the exact same reason i didn't dana perino to co-host gutfeld. boy, she packs a lot into that tiny body. morgan you told me that you wanted to talk about this story so badly.
12:45 am
that's true. yeah. would you ever fire somebody because they clogged detroit? oh, yes. have you ever called them toilet? never. i don't do that. i don't go number two. >> yeah, i'm a lady here. lady. i read lady. i told you that. this is why, by the way this is why i'm against gender neutral bathrooms. >> because men are disgusting and this is what happens. and gender neutral bathroom. the standards for to flush the toilet and leaves it everywhere. >> yeah, that is true. wait, now women are disgusting too. the women's bathroom is vile. yeah, it always has a line up. >> that's the problem. it is. it's true. when use a gender neutral bathroom, i will clog it with my tampon. >> there is a solution to this problem. go to the interview with a toilet plunger. you put it on the table and you say, look, this is how much i care. that's the answer. anybody to shark tank. what's up with a product for the toilet? yeah, those air.
12:46 am
>> yeah, we see a lot of them. we think, wow, there's always somebody that's got a new idea about number one or number two. yeah. and we look at it and say, yeah that . >> yeah, that's it. then you guys do what? squatty yes, we also did. we also did the lid that lets a cat take a dump in your toilet. >> but what welcome and anybody buy that? >> yes, i would buy that. i don't have a cat. i suggested that if a cat needed a toilet to dump in and you're living in a condo, cause that was her argument. she said, look, i live in a really small condo and my cat takes a dump all over the condo. i said, why don't you just take the cat and put it out of the window? >> yeah, it's so easy. it is. so they have nine lives. they'll make it to the bottom. exactly. jamie, do you want me to even read the question this point? yeah. yeah. so his job went down the toilet ,which we could say about your marriage. >> oh, okay.
12:47 am
so i did feel bad about one thing. i feel bad that there was not a plunger in the bathroom yet. i think maybe all guys have been there. like, that's the worst thing we have to do. like the front desk at a hotel? yeah, because there's, like, one use for a plunger. >> yeah. okay. do you know, i mean, you can't be like, oh, i need a stand for my wizard's hat. did you hear the good news, though? he was hired by the view. >> and yeah, they were like, he's one of us. welcome aboard. >> but he didn't flush. >> that's the problem. he just didn't flush. yeah, everyone's being way too easy on this guy. yeah, okay. because you clean bathrooms. horrible. yep. >> first of all, who thinks that during a job interview, the nerves man is in, and this man isn't at all.
12:48 am
he's. they offer me free coffee. i want. i always like everything free. but i know that coffee was like, you know, that coffee makes you everywhere. you still say yes, and then you forgot to flush nobody. forget it. in no, no. and then he said he let someone else try to it up. it just sat there. i hope you never get any job because you don't belong in polite society. all right? i need that woman who think on him is worse. right now, i didn't get a bottle of spray that was funny out the toilet. he just walked out of the bathroom. an interview about your best foot forward. what's it going to be? gets the job. take a dump. the floor. >> wow. remember, whistle get 20%. yeah, but i. i think that if you're going to clog a toilet, you want to make it public. toilet, not yours. yeah, totally. so you take. you take your kids over to that pool instead of your pool as your mom used to tell me. okay, all right.
12:49 am
up next, what apple doesn't want you to know about the vision pro when you smell the amazing scent. jane, please. time stops and you realize you're in la. steve, what's a laundry detergent? jane, please seriously. >> good scent. oh, i'm former arkansas governor mike huckabee. what a times you can't control the amount of sleep that you're getting. i know it's scary unless you use relax and sleep relaxium sleep is a product that's made from natural ingredients, and it usually works from the very first night. you try it relaxium sleep is study tested and designed by a neurologist to help fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up refreshed. relaxium worked from the very first night i took. i had more focus and memory clarity than i've had in years. i wake up feeling and like i've had the best night's sleep. >> stop being afraid and start
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for 99 two carat studs 1990 and three carat three stone rings, 4995 factory direct and save the jewelry exchange. >> tomorrow, the east palestine toxic train derailmentt?
12:52 am
>> i just talked to a buddy. congrats. a story in five words. five words. apple vision pro sickens. people at the 30 $500 apple
12:53 am
vision pro headset reportedly giving users headaches, eye strain, burst blood vessel walls. >> seems like they should have tested it first. okay, but didn't they? >> so maybe it were the. i don't know. were these people just playing it for like a really long time? like, maybe they were doing that because i supposed to wear it all the time. no, you're not. yeah, it's. i got all your stuff. really? >> yeah. i mean, it's. it's designed to be worn a lot. okay, well, then they didn't test it enough, i guess. i just feel like they should have known about this. but also, i feel like i just don't care. like, i feel like if you spend 30 $500 on a headset, it hurts your eyes. like. like. sorry you know, get a real problem. yeah. my eyes are all the time just, you know, from being alive, from seeing all the pain and suffering in the world. yeah. it really gets to me. >> kevin, it seems like the main goal of this product
12:54 am
is to prevent young men losing their virginity. >> yeah. so let me explain why this horrible problem happens, and we'll continue happen for many years to come. about 30% of the population when they perceive latency, in other words, that fraction or delay of reality versus what you're seeing in that headset, your brain goes whacked. >> mm-hmm. i've never seen this before. what am i dealing with here? reality's there in a millisecond later, i guess. something else. i don't know what to do. i'm going to give you a headache. that's exactly what happens at 30% can handle this stuff until the internet is a lot faster. >> this ain't going to work for a lot of people. interest. >> it's so funny that they didn't know that this could cause, like, people to get sick and vomit throw up. it's brutal. >> yeah. i mean, it's 30% of the population, though. you would think they would notice that in testing. >> well, apparently not. i don't know. >> many guys wore this thing for 6 to 8 hours, but everybody just used it tells. me for work.
12:55 am
it's amazing. you can do a meeting and people are sitting at the table. >> you like we sit maybe we have the goggles on. now, we might and we don't even know. they don't even know anybody getting sick. that's the question. >> but the idea is you can sit in a room like this and you're there into the perceptions. >> perfect. i mean, it's amazing technology unless you throw up in them. >> yes. morgan would you wear match your dress? oh, yeah. yeah, totally. everybody's a match. but i try it out. i think what's really going on here is that somebody spent 30 $500 on this and they went home and their spouse freaked out and they had to return it. and were like, oh, i'm having health issues. but really, their spouse is like, why the you paying 30 $500 to this? yeah, that's what i would say to my husband. jamie. much like your comedy act, this is making people sick. mm-hmm. >> and i wrote that one. that's a good one. that's a really good one. we i will say, though after my comedy shows, i go out, no matter how many people are there, i go out after the show. i apologize to everybody.
12:56 am
>> i was one of the first people to get one of these apple vision promos. i think you know that i was one of the early testers and they just came out with a thing last week, you might remember, that said you will not ever be able to use on these things until my question is, would anyone like to buy my apple vision pro? yeah, that's why i bought it. and like i know you're saying guys won't lose their virginity, but i think you can you can lose it within the world. yes, within fake world. exactly. that is true. thank you for spelling that out sick man. >> all right. >> don't go away. we'll be right back. america's most wanted back. miss new episodes on fox. watch them a week later on fox nation. plus, america's most wanted extra featuring exclusive content john and callahan walsh you won't see anywhere else. i know what these victims are going through. join father and son for a deep dive into the details
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